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Crack 9 - Keypad Code Breaker

4.0 ( 5200 ratings )
Oyunlar Eğlence Bulmaca Strateji Eğitim
Geliştirici: James Coffman

This intriguing code-breaker relies on a unique "cracking" method. Play is "1-click" simple, which helps you focus as you think your way through the cipher patterns.

Start by tapping on the keypad. As the digits move around, decipher: (1) where they belong; and (2) how to control their moves. Keep tapping until the 9 turns red.

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• What is Crack 9?

It is a 9-digit code-breaker strategy puzzle with an unusual keypad “cracking” technique.

• How do you solve the puzzle?

Move the digits around on the keypad until all 9 are in their home squares.

• How do you learn the home squares?

Observe the motion and watch the RED digit. It changes when any digit moves in or out of its home square.

• How do you know when it is solved?

The red digit shows how many are home. Thus, it is solved when the 9 turns red.

• How do you start a new puzzle?

If the puzzle is solved, just tap on the keypad to create a new random puzzle.

• How do you move the digits?

Each time you tap on the keypad, 2 digits will swap places.

• How do you select which digits swap?

WHERE you tap determines the 1st digit. A secret swap pattern determines the 2nd.

• How do you learn the swap pattern?

Tap 1 of the 9 keypad squares & observe. Repeat until you decipher the pattern.

• Can you provide any hints?

WHERE = the square OR its digit. The 2nd WHERE is calculated FROM the 1st.

• Does the swap pattern change?

Yes, at the start of each new puzzle. Also, pattern complexity differs at each level.

• What are the different levels?

Rookie, Boffin, Wizard, Genius, and Psycho. You can switch between them at ANY time.

• Are there any “get started” clues?

For Rookies, the final code is always 123,456,789. Also, for Rookies, Boffins, & Wizards, digits away from home have no color.

• How are my skills measured?

By counting your taps. Solve each puzzle using as few as possible.

• Any words of encouragement?

With your exceptionally brilliant intellect and phenomenal memory, you will easily crack Genius and Psycho puzzles. If not, you can always try pencil and paper.